About Us

In the year 1981, Hup Seng Trading Co. was born. 1994 is the year where Hup Seng Trading Co. was incorporated to Hupsheng Furniture Industries Sdn. Bhd.

Hupsheng Furniture Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a specialized company that wholesale series of household furniture such as living cabinet, coffee table, dining set, office furniture and others. The company has over 25 years of experience in furniture industry that prompted the management to be fully prepared in the face of globalize competition.

Experience helps us to view the market growth as our opportunity to prosperous and the advantage to develop innovative products and services to satisfy emerging customer needs. Hupsheng main business characteristics are portrayed as a wholesaler, exporter and importer. A diversified company to maintain a diversified customer based.


Environmental Positions

In Hupsheng Furniture Industries Sdn. Bhd., our environmental position is clear and straightforward: actions speak. We have chosen to focus on what we as a furniture company can do to increase the efficiency of our operations and the performance of our products while decreasing our impact on our surroundings and our use of resources.

Understanding the long-term growth of Hupsheng Furniture Industries Sdn. Bhd, we are dependent on a sustainable source of raw materials and with that we are enduring responsibility to the environment. That is why; we only supply products from sustainable plantation wood, wood residues, slabs & branches.

To encounter the problem of diminishing forests, we have introduced and promoting engineered wood-based products to maximize the use of wood while simultaneously minimizing waste materials. In line with our concern for the environment, water treatment plants & dust filter bag systems are incorporated into our production process to eliminate negative effects on our delicate ecosystem.

about us

Quality Control System

Quality control is one of our main focuses in the development of our products. Our systems comprising all the means used in products or services that meet the quality requirements of the buyer. Our Quality Control System is guarantee to:

  • Maintain design standards
  • Meet customers’ specifications
  • Determine department/personnel effectiveness
  • Detect and correct defective products

Customer Support

Achieving customers’ satisfaction is what we strive towards. Our Customer Service Personnel possess a sense of responsibility, integrity and professionalism in dealing with customers’ enquiries and complaints. We will conduct the customer support procedures with the highest degrees of ethics and professionalism. We believe in fast respond as part of our client services. You could email or call to us any question and get an accurate respond within 24 hours.


about us

Delivery Support

Since we have over 500 models of products with ready stock, we are able to provide fast delivery service to our customers. With additional support of mixed container program, our customer will be able to get their product order faster. This is because customers need not to keep stock for a period of time. Normally, we are able to arrange delivery within 7 days based on stock availability. We need 45 days for new production.


Parts Claim Support

We admit that we still have around 0.05% lacking parts problem. We are doing our very best from day to day to reduce our mistake. However, if problem really happens again, please do not hesitate to contact us at once. If the parts you claimed are small and light, we will courier to you by the next working day. If the parts you claimed are bulky or heavy, we are sorry that we can only send to you on our next delivery trip. If we cannot meet the above 2 promises without a satisfying reason, the product with lacking part is consider free for you. If any problem happens to our product then we will directly exchange with you without any charges. Normally we will settle the problem product by next working day or next delivery trip.